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Precious Metals Have outperformed
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Pictured:10 Oz Gold Pamp bar halmarked to certify weight and 24-Karat 99.99%purity.
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With the printing of trillions of paper dollars reaching an unsustainable level, now is the time to protect your hard earned wealth. We have families and retirement to keep in mind, so protecting your assets in this time has become a very important decision.

Gold and silver have been around since Moses and Ezekiel said we will be throwing it in the streets in the end, so it’s safe to say having a portion of your portfolio protected with gold and silver makes sense. We are full service, we will buy, sell, trade, and store your gold and silver for you, 100% transparent online access and accuracy. At any time you have the option to have it mailed directly to your home.

Since 9/11 2001 silver (money) has risen 1000% and the dollar (paper) has lost 40%! We must preserve our wealth, so investing in a money going up in value instead of down makes sense. Just think back to 1967 when the paper dollar used to be a silver certificate, you would take your paper to the bank and they would give you a silver ounce.

Well, back in the sixties a paper dollar bill and a silver dollar coin would both buy you 5 gallons of gas. Since then silver has been removed from our paper dollar. Now in 2011, you can sell your 1 ounce of silver and buy 9 gallons of gas, double what you could 40 years ago; now take your paper dollar out…you can’t buy even one gallon of gas! Preserve your wealth using God’s money refined in the fire.

God say’s in Proverbs 11:1 not to partake in dishonest weights and measures it’s an abomination, honest scales are a delight. Paper dollar money is a dishonest weight and scale managed by the Federal Reserve which is nothing more than an IOU. Gold and Silver is considered an honest scale, an ounce is an ounce! Haggai 2:8 says “the gold is mine, the silver is mine”.

Put your faith into God’s money not man’s. Silver and gold are up near a 1000% from the low with no stopping in sight. The transfer from the wicked to the innocent is happening, prosper now with God’s money refined in the fire and be a part of the wealth transfer.

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